yo where do these people come from lmao

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I think the move to LA will be good for you. Your dispatches have less consideration for craft than the average TMZ article, so you can pick up some style tips from the Hollywood paparazzi while you're out there.

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I've largely disengaged with your work since a year or two ago when it became clear your perspective had become totally divorced from any sort of moral sensibility or positive vision of a better internal or external world, but I was thinking about it earlier today and for some reason felt like making a comment on it here.

It's interesting how the kind of stuff you've been making at least since this Substack started is a thousand times more unreflectively reactionary than when you were orbiting people like BAP and seeking some sort of aufhebung to the incel-normie dialectic (which is just lord-bondsman draped in some modern clothing btw), yet it arose out of a supposedly self-conscious course correction to a perceived reactionary tendency (immutable by dint of your pedigree ofc, as reactionaries always think these things are).

As someone who took Lacan seriously once you might get some productive reflection out of thinking about how the petit objet a has served as an unfulfilled or unfulfillable promise to you in both periods, and which changes in your aesthetic output are superficial and which are substantial.

I hope these comments don't seem vitriolic or the result of a feeling of disgust or anything, because I genuinely haven't been observing your stuff closely for a while and don't feel too strongly about it as a result, but I just wanted to get this down in writing for whatever reason. Wish you the best, and will be interested should you manage to wrangle your recent exercises into something more substantial, as you said you're trying to do in the post.

Also LA's a lot nicer than you seem to realize, but I get that it's some sort of pathologized object of noumenal desire to you -- either way, try and go on some walks in neighborhoods wealthy people and white people spend less time in. Y'know, the ones that haven't been or aren't deep into the process of gentrification. There are plenty of them, and you might learn something nice, or eat some good food, or meet some nice people.

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